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English proficiency is essential to immigrant success

ID-100286135In New York City, one of the most concentrated immigration hubs in the U.S., almost 25 percent of foreign-born residents speak little or no English. Poor command over English limits their professional opportunities and affects their abilities to success financially. For the younger immigrants, it is easier to assimilate the language, especially after entering the school system. At the moment, there are 140,000 English Language Learners enrolled in the public schools, most of them U.S. citizens with immigrant parents.

A civil group in New York advocates that the administration invested $16 million for English literacy and adult education programs, and demonstrates with financial data that helping immigrants will ultimately benefit the city. Statistics show that between 2000 and 2011, New York areas with the highest concentration of immigrants have recorded stronger business growth compared to other neighborhoods. Last year, immigrants contributed with almost $260 billion to the city’s economy. And mastering the English language is surely an essential key to the immigrants’ economic success and for their successful assimilation into the American society.

In New York City, four out of ten residents are foreign-born.

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