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Economic Impact of Refugees on America

Refugees in USAUtica in New York is known to be a town that loves refugees because they are the ones who turned its economy around. Utica is not an exception any more, as more cities as looking to benefit from an influx of refugees.

Providing a new lease of life for refugees is a win-win situation for everyone involved. From the standpoint of refugees, it gives them a new hope of life and a better country to live life the way they want it. For America, refugees simply add to its economic might.

As most of them are young and employable, they bring more skills and diversity to the labor market, that in turn, has a positive impact on the overall hiring process.

Secondly, these refugees add to the economy by being a consumer and spending money on essentials and other things. Further, refugees tend to pay taxes on their earnings and this helps the government coffers to gain strength. All these aspects simply mean better growth for the economy.

The above argument does not mean that the US is better off having an open door for anyone wishes to move here, this idea of welcoming refugees and making them an integral part of the economy is a positive sign by itself.

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