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Difference between H-1B visa and H-1B1 visa

Visa Application PENDINGIf you want to visit the US for a pre-arranged professional employment, you are required to have the H1B visa. In order to be eligible for this visa type, you must have a bachelor’s or higher degree in the field in which you are looking for a job.

The immigration authorities will scrutinize your application for the H1B visa and check whether your job falls under the category of a specialty occupation and whether you have the skills, educational qualification, and experience to do the job to the best of your abilities.

Moreover, your employer must submit a labor condition application at the Department of Labor, clearly mentioning all the terms and conditions of the employment contract with you. The H1B visa can be extended for up to 3 years and you can apply for a green card while in the US on the H1B visa.

On the other hand, the H1B1 visa category is a result of the Free Trade Agreements signed by the US government with Singapore and Chile. Only the citizens of Chile and Singapore can apply for the H1B1 visa. The visa lets you work temporarily in the US under certain conditions.

In order to get an H1B1 visa, you need to have a job offer from an employer in the US. However, your employer is not required to submit the Form I-129 and the Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker. Moreover, you are not required to get a Notice of Approval and Form I-797 prior to filing the visa application.

However, you must file an Application for Foreign Labor Certification with the Department of Labor before submitting your visa application. The H1B1 visa can be extended for up to 1 year; however, you cannot apply for green card. Also, the dependents of H1B1 visa holder can live in the US and study; however, they cannot work.

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