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Common mistakes you must avoid during your US immigration process

Many people who apply for US immigration often commit certain mistakes that either delay the immigration process or result in the rejection of applications. In some cases, the errors can lead to many difficulties for the applicant. For example, you may not be able to reunite with your family or be barred from entering the US. Below are the common mistakes you must avoid during your US immigration process:

Providing inaccurate information

While applying for US immigration, you must provide 100 percent accurate information in your application and during the interviews. Many applicants provide inaccurate or deceitful information or distort the facts. As a result, they land in troubles.

Not replying to USCIS queries on time

The USCIS may ask you for more information or clarifications about the information written in your application. When you get a Request for Evidence from the USCIS, you must respond quickly and with enough supporting documents. If you ignore or miss the deadline, it can lead to a rejection of your application.

Immigration interviews and hearings

The USCIS may call you for interviews or court hearings. It is essential to attend the interviews and hearings so that your application can be processed. Do not ignore the interviews and court hearings because it will result in denial of your immigration application.

Not paying the application fees

The applicants are required to pay certain fees so that the application can be processed. If you don’t afford the fees, you can request a fee waiver. However, not paying the fees without a waiver can lead to the rejection of your application.

Submitting your application to the wrong office

Make sure to read the instructions written on the application form thoroughly. The address to which the application has to be sent to is clearly written on the form. If you post the application to the wrong office, it will either be returned to you or mailed to the correct address. If it is returned to you, it can delay your immigration process.

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