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Common mistakes people make in their visa applications

The US visa application can be a daunting and lengthy process for many applicants. If you make mistakes in your application, you will be made to wait for several extra weeks or months. More expenses would also come along. Here are the common mistakes many people make in their visa applications:

1. Failure to check your eligibility

There are many types of US visas, and each visa type has its own eligibility criteria. Many applicants fail to check and confirm their eligibility for the specific visa they are applying for. As such, the processing of their application is delayed or their applications get rejected. Before applying for a US visa, be sure to check the eligibility criteria for the visa you are seeking.

2. Not sending the required supporting documents

Many applicants think submission of the filled USCIS visa application form alone is enough to get the visa. The fact is that it is just a single facet of the whole visa application process. You must submit all the required supporting documents. Not doing so can delay your visa or lead to rejection of your application.

3. Being untruthful or not providing complete information in the application

Many applicants lie or provide incomplete information in their visa petitions. This often leads to denial of visa or delay in processing the application. You must be sure to provide true, correct, and complete information in your petition. Being untruthful may also lead to legal action against you.

4. Not starting the application process early

In most cases, there are deadlines for applicants to change their immigration status. There are many applicants who submit their petitions at the eleventh hour. You must be proactive and start the process as early as possible. Otherwise, you may end up making mistakes in your application and forget to send the supporting documents.

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