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4 trends in the US real estate sector for 2018

The real estate sector is one of the primary driving forces behind the growth of the US economy. After some sluggishness in 2017, the US real estate sector is poised to witness certain trends in 2018. Here are the key trends the US real estate is expected to see this ...

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5 pet-friendly cities in the US

Walt Disney Orlando

If you are a pet owner, you definitely love your pet. The United States is one of the countries that have the largest number of pets in the world. You will find pets everywhere in America; however, the cost and quality of keeping pets in the US depend on the ...

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3 important tips to prepare your home for winter

  Winter can be harsh on your home. The strong winds may thrash the plants in your garden or backyard, and the cruel snowstorm can blow the roof of your home. And don’t forget the winter’s heavy rain that can create chaos, clogging the sewers and resulting in flooding. The ...

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Factors that influence home buying

Your home reflects your disposition, tastes, preferences, and ideals. Each individual has some unique characteristics that influence the decision making process when it comes to buying things, especially a home. Below are the common factors that influence home buying. Gender influences If you are a man and buying a home, ...

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The top US real estate markets

The US real estate sector is witnessing varied degrees of changes. Some states and cities are experiencing decent growth, while others are witnessing a regression. Below are the top US real estate markets right now. 1. Nashville Nashville tops the list of the most attractive US real estate markets of ...

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The most expensive houses in the US

The real estate sector is one of the significant economic indicators of any country, besides being a symbol of the aesthetic tastes of its people. The United States is home to some of the world’s most expensive homes. Below are the most expensive houses in the US: 1. The Chartwell ...

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Things to look for when buying a house in the US

Buying a house in the US can be a daunting task for many people. It requires planning, research, and effort. Besides, it involves stress and excitement. I have explained below a few important things you must look for when buying a house in the US. 1. Roof quality and condition ...

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Top three cities to live as a family in U.S

There are many things a person should take into deep consideration when choosing the perfect place to live with his family. Education system, security and crime rates, climate and many other factors, make you decide either an area is worthy or not. Good news is, U.S offers tons of possibilities ...

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