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Can you get a mortgage in the US if you are not a US citizen?

Many people wonder whether they can get a mortgage in the US without being a US citizen. The answer is yes you can. You do not need to be US citizen to buy real estate properties in the US. But the procedural requirements, documentation, and the type of mortgage you can get depends on your status in the US.

Here are three different situations, and how people in those situations can qualify for loans. US permanent residents are eligible to get the same customary loans that any US citizen is entitled to. In such a case, the loan application and procedure will be typically the same as the one for a US citizen. However, the lender will possibly ask for additional paperwork to establish your residential status.

Typically, you would be required to submit a minimum of two months of bank states, show your credit history for the last two years, and submit your tax returns or evidence of income of the previous two or three years. People who have newly entered the US as permanent residents may come across some difficulty proving their source of income or tax returns. Keep in mind that different lenders have different criteria. You can apply to another lender if one lender rejects your application.

Besides permanent residents, temporary residents working legally in the US can also apply for mortgages and buy property in the US. The requirements, privileges, and process of the loan will be the same for temporary workers in the US as it is for US citizens and permanent residents. In case your visa is going to expire in some months, the lenders may ask you for a letter from your employer assuring that your visa will get renewed.

If you are a foreign national and have no legal status for working in the US, then you may not qualify for the government-supported mortgages. However, you can apply for another type of loan called the foreign national loan.

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