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Can you continue working even after your green card Expires?

USA Permanent Resident card aka Green Card and paper money

A permanent resident card, also known as the Green Card or Form I-551, is issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to every individual who files the proper and necessary paperwork and also, meet the requirements to become a legal permanent, resident. These people are automatically allowed to work and live in the U.S as normal citizens.

Normally, after the Green Card issue to eligible foreign nationals, these individuals will hold legal status in the U.S. until they abandon or lose rather card.

Despite this, they are eligible to continue living and working in the United States. That is why, they don’t lose the right to live and work in U.S even though their green cards are expired.

But, when the person is a permanent resident who is 18 or older, must carry a valid, unexpired green card at all times!

If they don’t have a valid green card, they are no longer able to maintain their legal status. This will make it hard for them to find a job and work in the United States. In some U.S states, it may even make it difficult to renew or even obtain a driver’s license or photo ID…

If you plan to travel outside of the U.S., this will also be almost impossible.  When traveling back to the United States, the Customs and Border Patrol agents may not let them back into the country.

All legal permanent residents should not forget to apply to renew their green cards within 6 months of the card’s expiration date. Even if you forget to do so, you can apply even after the expiration date.

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