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Can the US Citizenship Be Revoked? What you must know?

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Each person who has procured naturalization unlawfully will automatically be subject to revocation of his naturalization process in order to become eligible for his naturalization. Naturalization can be revoked if a person hasn’t met any or some of the naturalization requirements. Some of the naturalization requirements include certain medical examinations, presence requirement, etc.

Certain willful misrepresentation of material facts can lead to the revocation of naturalization. If a person has presented untrue facts on their naturalization application, they might automatically lose their citizenship.

A person’s naturalization is revoked for misrepresentation of facts if:

  • The person has willfully misrepresented facts
  • If they have already obtained citizenship as a result of untrue or concealment of certain facts

A person should automatically be considered to have illegally procured naturalization when they haven’t complied with any of the naturalization requirements when they became eligible U.S. citizen. Even in cases when were unaware of any misrepresentation.

A person is more likely to lose his / her citizenship in cases when they become a member of the Communist or any other totalitarian parties or certain terrorist organization. Especially when these cases happen in the first five years from getting their citizenship.

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