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Asylum Seekers decision is left intact by the US Court

United States refugee question and immigration government policy as extreme vetting for banned newcomers in America as the cast shadow of international migrants on a wall with a US flag with 3D illustration elements.

The US Supreme Court reopened a heated debate on the issue of illegal immigration back on Monday. It declined the Central American women and children seeking asylum in the US appeal that wanted clarification of the constitutional rights of immigrants that are prioritized for deportation by the United States government a while ago.

These families, including 28 women and their 33 children that are between the age of two and 17 years are mostly from the Central American nations of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Their biggest hope was to have the ruling of a lower court, barring them from facing the federal judge to review their expedited removal orders. These orders are overturned by the Supreme Court. According to the declaration of the original Philadelphia court, the legal status of these families was the same as that of non-citizens denied access to the United States at the border. That is why; they had no right to have that decision challenged in another court hearing.

Since President Donald Trump assumed the Presidency of the United States back in January, this issue of immigration has become a hot topic. The Trump’s administration has already ordered a wall to be built on the border between the US and Mexico. Many families claim they escaped violence and threats in their home countries. But, despite these facts, immigration judges decided their fear of persecution weren’t credible enough. That is why they were placed in proceedings for expedited removal from the US.

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