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About 300,000 cybersecurity jobs available in the US

ID-100385425As technological advancements draw us closer and more addicted to internet and “cyber reality”, institutions find themselves in a growing need of professionals who can face the challenges that this shift brings along. Internet security is extremely important for any company, whether public or private, that handles personal and national information, or money, in the case of financial and trade institutions.

Cyber security companies say there is a large workforce gap when it comes to professionals in this field. They estimate that roughly 300,000 cybersecurity jobs in U.S. are currently unfilled, and for about a quarter of them a four-year college degree isn’t even mandatory. Nevertheless, secondary schools must adapt to the market demand and put more emphasis on STEM education in order to train students who can fill such positions. Universities across the U.S. have included cyber programs in their educational offer, and companies are offering on-site training and internships in order to create competent workforce. Others help IT veterans make the transition towards cyber security by offering professional conversion programs.

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