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5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to The U.S.

Moving to The U.S.

There are millions of people who dream about moving to the U.S. and some of them will probably accomplish that at some point. In case you are amongst those who believe that America is the greatest country to live in, there are some things you should know before starting a new life here.

  1. Big cities are not family friendly. If you plan to raise a family in the U.S, go for a smaller and even less popular area. Small towns, sometimes neglected, are a lot cheaper to live in and most of the times offer a better environment for children.
  2. You have to pay to be taken away in an ambulance. Rides vary from $400 to $1800, depending on your health insurance and the distance between your home and the hospital. Don’t be surprised if the paramedics request intended form of payment before taking you to the emergency room.
  3. The U.S is a cashless society par excellence. While cash still rules the world and in some countries using a credit or a debit card is sort of a caprice, in the U.S. you can swipe your card everywhere. Even street vendors accept this type of payment.
  4. Fruits and vegetables are more expensive than meat. This might come as a shock for a lot of people since in most countries meat and poultry are less accessible than vegetables.
    However, in the U.S maintaining a healthy diet could cost you more than you would think. Although extremely popular, vegetarianism is a rather expensive life choice.
  5. You always have to tip. Whether you are at the restaurant, at the bar, you are having your nails done or you need to take a taxi, tipping is a must. It may not seem fair for your wallet, but leaving an extra 10 to 25% is customary in the U.S.

Yes, you can build a new life in the U.S.!
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