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5 pet-friendly cities in the US

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If you are a pet owner, you definitely love your pet. The United States is one of the countries that have the largest number of pets in the world. You will find pets everywhere in America; however, the cost and quality of keeping pets in the US depend on the city you live in. Luckily, the US has many pet-friendly cities. Below are some of them:

Orlando, Fla.

Orlando comes at number one in the list of the pet-friendly cities in the US. This beautiful city witnesses pleasant weather throughout the year, providing pet owners the opportunity to go for a walk with their pets. This city boasts one of the most animal shelters per capita, has the highest number of pet-friendly restaurants, and has the most veterinary doctors in the US. The cost of living with pets is reasonable in Orlando.

Birmingham, Ala.

Ranked at number two for the pet-friendly cities in the US, Birmingham boasts a very reasonably priced pet care services and supplies. This city has unmatched healthcare facilities for pets. It also offers amazing outdoors for pets.

Tampa, Fla.

Tampa is also one of the pet-friendly cities in the US. The city witnesses warm and sunny days for most of the year. Tampa has the largest number of pet parks. The outdoors facilities for pets in this city are top-notch. It is also affordable for pets.

Lexington-Fayette, Ky.

Lexington has the healthiest pets in the US. It is listed among the cities with highest number veteran doctors in the US. Like Tampa and Birmingham, Lexington is highly affordable for living with pets.

Scottsdale, Ariz.

Scottsdale is popular for its outdoors and pet-friendly weather. It scores among the top cities for the number of pet businesses and animal shelters. It also ranks high when it comes to the pet health and wellness.

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