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4 Tips for Filling Out a Job Application

Filling out a job application is the first step towards finding a job, so it’s important you showcase your best side to increase the chances of getting that job.
Most employers screen through applications to identify the right candidate, so do your best to highlight your skills and experience in a positive way, without exaggerating them.

Since job applications are so important, here are five tips that can help you fill the perfect one.

Keep your Resume Ready

Filling out a job application can be easy if you have a resume on hand, as you will have all the information ready. If you don’t have a resume yet, get started on it right now. Think about what you want to put on your resume, as it should reflect your skills and past experience in a positive way. It’s a good idea to put yourself in your employer’s shoes. What would you want to see on a prospective candidate’s resume? Chart the things that feel important to you and present them in an appealing manner.

Most important, ensure that your application and resume match because a lot of employers may also want you to give a copy of your resume along with the application form.

Be Honest

One of the biggest mistakes made by prospective job applicants is to lie about their work experience and education. Remember, most employers do a background check that includes education and employment verification, so don’t let a small misrepresentation cost you that job. Be honest and put only accurate information on your job application, and this honesty will pay off soon.

If the job application has any questions, answer them truthfully. For example, if the application asks your reason for leaving the last job, be honest about it. If you were fired or downsized, you should say the same though you can make it sound positive with the right words.

 Watch your Grammar

Job application is your first chance to impress your employer, so make sure it’s error-free. No employer likes to see an application filled with grammar errors as it reflects poorly on your language skills and abilities. It may even be a good idea to polish your grammar a bit before you begin to fill the application form.

 Avoid Blanks and Negative Information

Employers ask all job aspirants to answer the same set of questions to make it easier for them to evaluate.  Hence, avoid putting negative information or skipping questions. If some questions are not applicable to you, write “not applicable” or “n/a” instead of leaving it blank. Never make a mention of your resume on the application, though you can attach it along with the application.

In conclusion: filling out an honest and error-free application boosts your chances of getting a job. So, put the right content and impress your employer right away!

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