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4 most satisfying jobs in the US

There is no doubt that salary is important in determining job satisfaction, but there are other factors as well like happiness that retain employees. Social interaction, flexibility, job security, and status are some important factors that make people happy and boost their job satisfaction level. Online job portal CareerBliss conducted a survey and found the following occupations to be the most satisfying in the US.

1. School principal

While being a school principal is no walk in the park, the survey found that school principals find their work to be the most rewarding. Seeing improvement in the performance of the students and the overall performance of the school boosts their happiness. It makes their time worthwhile. School Principals top the list of the most satisfying jobs in the US. The University of Chicago also conducted a research on job satisfaction and found 68.4 percent school principals to be extremely satisfied with their jobs.

2. Executive chef

The executive chef is the driver in the kitchen. He/she has immense responsibilities on his/her shoulder. Also, it is a very competitive occupation. While the pressure and challenges are immense, executive chefs were found to be more satisfied with their jobs because it lets them work in a team, providing guidance, planning meals with their unique recipes, and satisfying the taste buds of diners.

3. Automation engineer

Automation engineers are responsible for designing, coding, simulating, and testing systematized machines and procedures. They are technically skilled and work mostly in car companies and food business. Since they are excellent problem solvers and the business is dependent on their skills, they find their job worthwhile. As such, they are more satisfied.

4. Website developer

Website developers are technically skilled and creative at the same time. They enjoy a good balance between these two areas. Also, they work in flexible environments. Most web developers freelance, which lets them work with more clients, meet diverse people, and of course earn more money. Website developers were found to be very satisfied with their jobs.

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