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3 reasons to live in Los Angeles, California

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The LA dream is real, and not only among young people. Living in Los Angeles might seem not a clever thing to do since this city is considered to be one of the least affordable places in USA to live in and also, its real estate market requires you to invest at least 20 percent more on a house than in any other city in USA. But, why so many people love to live in LA? How come this place is considered to be the dream city for millions of people all around the States and world?  What makes it so special and is it really worth to be considered?

The culture

LA is well-known for its multicultural features. You can pretty much find everything you want here. Art and science fields bloom all across the city leaving you with tons of options to purchase a career or hobby. Walking around LA means you get to experience class, freedom, bohemian lifestyle and also, the museum, gallery and theater varieties are endless.

Perfect weather

Living in LA means you can forget about winter outfits and Christmas atmosphere. You get to have sunny days almost all year round and you can hit the beach any time you want! Not to forget endless of farmer’s market options to choose from. They are literally filled with organic, local-grown products that are taken care from the LA sun…


Despite what you might have heart, LA is considered to be one of the safest cities in US. It is home to some of the most organized and family-oriented areas and neighborhoods. Ideal to raise your family in and choose from limitless school options available all across the area.


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