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2 ways to speed up your immigration case

If you desire to immigrate to the US, chances are you want your case to be processed quickly. Unfortunately, most candidates are made to wait for a year or even more. That’s the custom now. There are many people who want to know how they can speed up their immigration cases. Actually, there are certain ways you can use to speed up your case, depending on the type of immigration you are seeking. Below are 3 ways you can use to quicken most types of immigration cases.

1. Use premium processing service

The USCIS offers a premium processing service that you can use to speed up specific employment-based immigration cases. However, it comes at a price of $1225 higher than the normal fees. Provisional work visas and petitions that can have you get a green card via sponsorship are covered under the premium processing service. This service is for emergency cases only and you would be required to provide valid reasons when requesting to speed up your case. Only certain types of immigration cases can be sped up under this service.

2. Use a professional service to file your paperwork

Many people attempt to prepare and file their paperwork themselves. Remember, unless you are an immigration attorney or consultant, chances are you will make errors when filing your immigration paperwork yourself. Even a small error on your papers can delay your cases for many months. The US immigration law is complex and only an expert can properly file and speed up your case.

Immigration consultants and lawyers know the ins and outs of the process and are aware of the immigration rules and regulations. They also stay updated with the recent policies and changes in the immigration law. If you think a loophole your friend or a family member used previously to get into the US would work for you as well, think again because you must be taking a huge risk. When choosing your consultant or attorney, make sure he or she specializes in US immigration.

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