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$14 million grants to help high-needs students

ID-100313158Three organizations will receive more than $14 million in grants to help charter schools obtain facilities, the U.S. Education Department announced this week. Charter schools are public schools, open to all children, which do not charge tuition and don’t have special admission requirements. These institutions aim to improve the educational system and focus more on the children’s needs and individual abilities.

The money given by the government should be used to obtain facilities for high-needs students, whether they are physically challenged or they come from struggling families and require special attention. The goal is to create a better environment for students so their sole focus would be on their own academic success.

The grants were awarded to the Massachusetts Development Finance Agency ($8 million), the Charter Schools Development Corporation ($5 million), and the Boston Community Loan Fund, Inc. ($1.069.608). Since 2002, the U.S. Education Department has given around $256 million in grants, and more than 500 public charter schools developed different facilities thanks to governmental support.

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