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Your application was ignored? Grammatical errors might be the answer

44105665_sTechnology is becoming more advanced by the day, and email is one of the most ubiquitous applications out there. If you ever wondered if your emails reach your recipients because you don’t hear from them after that, rest assured that your emails reach the intended recipients every time.

So, why is it that you don’t get a response? Well, there are many reasons why your receiver may ignore your emails, though the most prominent of them is grammar!

Whether the receiver is a prospective employer, an educational institution or an acquaintance from whom you’re expecting a reply, most people never reply for emails with poor grammar. Why? Because good grammar is your credibility in today’s online world. Nobody gets to see you or the way you carry yourself. Rather, they only get to learn about you from your writing. Since your emails are a projection of your physical presence, poor grammar shows you in bad light.

As cruel as this may sound, virtual communication has become a way of life and this has made good grammar elementary in any form of communication.

Grammar is poor only for non-native English speakers?

Gone are the notions that grammar is poor only for non-native English speakers. Today, many English natives write poor grammar too, thanks to text messages and social media. These technological advancements have taken the emphasis away from grammar because you have to communicate quickly and shortly and what else can you skimp other than grammar? Over time, grammar is forgotten even in formal communications, thereby leading to an epidemic of “grammar gaffes in the workplace,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

Further, emergence of spellchecks and grammar checks and the lack of emphasis on teaching grammar in schools add to the problem.

Universities give huge importance to grammar

If you’re applying for universities, there is a possibility that you’re application is denied because universities give huge importance to grammar. A case in point is Ontario’s Waterloo University that requires all students to pass an exam that tests their English speaking skills. Statistics show that almost a third of the students don’t clear that exam, thereby reflecting the poor state of grammar.

Woman learning english at home with a computer laptop.Grammar has a bearing even when you’re applying for a job, regardless of your position in the company. This is because companies believe every employee should be able to make error-free communication with customers. A study by Global Lingo shows that 59 percent of Britons stay away from a company when its employees have obvious grammar mistakes.

From a company’s perspective, good grammar also makes business sense because it helps them to evaluate whether you will fit into their company. In other words, they evaluate your social skills and your ability to communicate with your co-workers just based on the way you write!

Due to these drawbacks, it becomes absolutely important to have good grammar. If you haven’t started yet, it’s about time to learn grammar from the right teachers.

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