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Where do America’s immigrants work?

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As of 2016, immigrant employees accounted for roughly 26 million workers in the United States, according to data from the Migration Policy Institute. Although they are spread throughout the entire economy, foreign-born workers are more likely than their native-born peers to be employed in certain industries. For instance, 6.5 percent of immigrant workers are employed in administrative services, whereas only 3.9 percent of U.S.-born workers are employed in this field. Other 2.8 percent of foreign-born workers are employed in agriculture and extraction (compared to 1.8 percent of the U.S.-born), 8.5 percent in construction, 12.3 percent in leisure and hospitality, 12 percent in manufacturing, 6.1 percent in professional, scientific, technical, and management services, and 6.6 percent in other services.

State-wise, California has the highest percentage of immigrant workforce, with 34 percent of all workers being foreign-born. In Texas, 22 percent of the workers are immigrant. Nevertheless, all states rely to some degree on immigrant workforce for their economy. In fact, at least 5 percent of workers are foreign-born in all but 11 states in the U.S.

It’s also worth noting that foreign-born workers send home a lot of money. Last year, people in the United States sent $133,552,000,000 in remittances to other countries. There were $24.3 billion sent to Mexico, $16.2 billion to China and $10.9 billion to India.

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