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What jobs will see the biggest raises next year

ID-10060971Skilled workers in technology, finance and accounting, legal, creative and marketing, administrative and office support will receive the biggest raise in eight years, economists say. According to a recent report, these white collar workers are subject to a huge pay boost next year, as employers in these fields are striving to get the most talented and brightest specialists to work for their companies. And that means offering increased salaries and other perks as well, such as a more flexible working schedule or even more vacation time.

Researchers at Robert Half surveyed more than 1.000 recruiters for different positions, most of which require at least a bachelor’s degree, and discovered that not only middle and upper level managers working in these five professional fields will receive more substantial paychecks, but also that starting salaries will raise by approximately 4 percent. However, where there’s demand, the increase might be up to 20 percent than what’s predicted. For example, in mobile, compliance and security, the demand for professionals is higher than the number of skilled workers to supply it. Therefore, those who are qualified for the job can negotiate a really good salary.

Technology leads the ranking. According to the Robert Half survey, wireless networking engineers will receive on average a 9.7 percent increase on their starting wages. Big data engineers will also see a massive jump in their incomes. For an entry level position, their salary could go up to $183.500 per year. By comparison, the starting salary for the same type of job is $129.500 at the moment. Other positions, such as data security analyst, mobile applications developer, business systems analyst, data scientist, visual designer and user experience specialist should be considered if you want to enhance your annual earnings.

Workers in the health-care field will also see their paychecks enlarge. Economists anticipate a 4.8 percent increase for certified medical coding managers, who can get to earn as much as $96.250 next year.

Those who work in administrative and office support and creative fields will receive roughly 4 percent more on their starting salaries, and legal workers will get 3 percent more.

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