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What do Immigrants Like the Most in America?

Cheerful couple with American flag for july 4th while patriotic holidayImmigrants coming to the US display a deep appreciation for the country and its way of life, and make a commitment to blend and live happily in their new home. In a survey conducted by a New York-based group, 1002 immigrants were randomly selected and were asked about their impression of the US and their new American life. An astounding 80 percent said that the country is special and has a unique place in the world, and this is why they chose America over other countries.

In another survey conducted by Reddit.com, immigrants poured out different reasons for coming to the US. Some of the best reasons are:

  • No haggling over prices and no fear over getting cheated on every little transaction.
  • No bribe has to be given to get any job done.
  • Free public restrooms, and air-conditioning in every building.
  • Disabled-friendly entrances in all major shops and establishments.
  • Beauty of national and state parks.
  • Not having to fill buckets with water and heating them for a hot shower.
  • Good-mannered people everywhere
  • Fast Internet.
  • Clean air.
  • Closer to nature.
  • Social safety nets.

To show their appreciation for this country, most immigrants also want to give something back. In the same study conducted by the New York-based company, 26 percent of immigrants had at least one family member who has served on active duty in the US armed forces.

These sentiments yet again reaffirm the fact that America is one of the most immigrant-friendly countries, and starting off here is much easier than you think.

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