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USCIS finally reaches CW-1 Cap for 2018 Fiscal Year

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May 25th was the day when USCIS received the sufficient number of petitions and reached the maximum possible numerical limit (the “cap”) of workers who have the possibility to get CNMI-Only Transitional Worker (CW-1) visas or even otherwise provided with CW-1 status for the fiscal year (FY) 2018.

The truth is, there is not a specific quote (cap) that has been set for the FY 2018, but, the law requires the number to be less than the 12,998 workers set for FY 2017.

The USCIS will soon issue subsequent guidance they set the FY 2018 cap. They will also let applicants know when they will be able to announce the final receipt date. This date is directly depending on the FY 2018 cap. You should know that it is possible that USCIS will not accept certain petitions made that are sent on or even before May 25, 2017.

After the cap is reached…

After the cap is finally reached, the USCIS will get the CW-1 petitions that they have received on or after May 26, 2017 and also that request an employment starting date before Oct. 1, 2018.

In cases when the USCIS rejects an extension petition, all the beneficiaries that are listed on that petition are no longer permitted to work beyond the validity period of the approved petition.

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