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US aluminum industry supports nearly 161,000 jobs

Fotolia_99043167_Subscription_Monthly_MDomestic and international demand for aluminum has been increasing in recent years, and the U.S. industry has shown positive signs of recovery from the rough patch it hit as a result of the Great Recession. According to a recent study published by economic research firm John Dunham & Associates, the U.S. aluminum industry now directly employs approximately 161,000 workers, up from around 157,000 in 2013. Moreover, it brings more than $75 billion to the national economy.

These numbers relate to production alone, but if supplier and induced impacts are considered, it results that the extended industry covers 713,000 jobs and brings $186 billion into the economy.

The report also found that workers directly employed by the U.S. aluminum industry make more than $12 billion in wages and benefits, whereas indirect employment brings an extra $34 billion. These jobs generate altogether $18 billion in taxes.

In the last two years, aluminum producers in North America have announced investments of more than $2.6 billion in order to keep up with demand. Nearly 26 billion pounds of aluminum have been shipped last year.

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