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United States Can’t Deport Immigrants for Drunken Behavior

39332280_sThere is a provision in the US immigration law that allows the country to deport immigrants who are habitual drinkers. Sounds unfair?

Well, the US law courts agree with you. A Federal Appeals Court struck down this law as irrational. The three-panel court ruled in favor of immigrants as it believes that chronic alcoholism does not amount to bad moral character. Further, it stated that such deportation is against the Equal Protection Clause in the US Constitution.

With this judgment, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals effectively negated the rule of deporting a habitual drunker, and through it, has re-written a part of an outdated immigration law. 50 years ago, the US Congress passed a law that empowers an attorney general to cancel the deportation order of a non-citizen, if that individual is deemed to have good moral character. For this law, immoral character included habitual drinking. participating in genocide and getting convicted of serious crimes.

This ruling is heart-warming because this is one of the first steps that have been taken to change an old law that makes little sense in today’s changing dynamic world. It is hoped that it lays the foundation for modifying more such laws to make America more immigrant-friendly.

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