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Unite States is Sued by different Civil Liberties Groups

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Yesterday, the Civil liberties groups announced that they are intending to file different lawsuits against the United States government. These lawsuits will be related to how the travel ban signed into existence through executive order by President Donald Trump is now being enforced by all federal agencies.

Lawsuits were filled by different local divisions of the American Civil Liberties Union. They were against both the Department of Homeland Security and also US Customs and Border Protection. These lawsuits cover their main activities in as many as 14 cities, including San Diego, Mainland and Portland. They are trying to force the Freedom of Information Act requests to be fully honored.  Some of these lawsuits were filed within days of the first executive order travel ban being signed by the President Trump.

This order, which was signed back on 27th of January 2017, was applied to fulfill on of the campaign’s promises made by president Trump to get tough on immigration. That is why, the order temporarily banned travel from a number of countries including Iran, Libya, Yemen and the Sudan. Also, it is still temporarily preventing refugees from entering the United States. A while ago, a federal judge blocked ban. But, despite his order, in March a less comprehensive order was also signed by the Trump, although it is facing legal challenges again.

The Trump administration insists they have a legal right to implement certain restrictions in order to protect national security. Other opponents claim the administration has violated the US Constitution on the grounds of religious discrimination.

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