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U.S. Immigration Policy Helped Grow India’s Economy, Says Study

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June 6, 2017: A recent study conducted by Universities of California, Saint Diego and Michigan has shown that H-1B visa improved the Indian economy. On the basis of this Visa, a million foreign workers enter US annually.

Those entering with Visas effectively replace Americans. This is because the universities and most of the non-profit organizations are exempted from the cap. Majority of people coming from India through H-1B Visa enter the IT sector. This Visa policy has actually improved India’s technological center d much that the country actually excels in tech exports as compared to US.

Not only those who actually came to US, but the people who were left behind due to H-1B gap also served in the growth of IT sector.

Furthermore, those who return back to India after the expiration of Visa contributed even better. This is because they acquired skill, experience, capital and human labor during their stay. They implement their knowledge in the production center of their country and become an effective source of its growth.

The researchers have stated that without the US immigration Policy, India’s tech sector would not have grown to this extent. This policy brings up more than 1 million legal immigrants each year. Although the economy of a nation is not entirely dependent on the IT sector, it has a significant influence. This is evident in India where mere growth of tech industry has caused a rise in overall economy of the country.

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