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Top US states in terms of number of immigrants

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Immigrants are spread across all counties in the United States but there are large communities of foreign-born individuals who are concentrated in top five states.

According to data from the Migration Policy, California has both the highest number of immigrants and the largest share of foreign-born residents out of the total state population. There are roughly 10.5 million immigrants currently living in the Golden State and they account for 27 percent of the overall population. New York is home to 4.5 million immigrants, 23 percent of the state’s population, about 4 million immigrants live in Florida (20 percent), and 2 million in New Jersey (22 percent). Texas has 4.5 million immigrants, the second largest number in the U.S., but their share is smaller compared to the state population.

Immigration patterns in these states haven’t changed much in time. Between 1990 and 2000, California still had the largest growth of the immigrant population with 2.4 million individuals, Texas was second with 1.4 million, followed by New York with 1 million, Florida, also 1 million, and Illinois with 577,000. Between 2000 and 2014, California and Texas were also the two top states in terms of immigrant population growth, with 1.6 million each.

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