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Top three cities to live as a family in U.S

There are many things a person should take into deep consideration when choosing the perfect place to live with his family. Education system, security and crime rates, climate and many other factors, make you decide either an area is worthy or not. Good news is, U.S offers tons of possibilities for everyone in this stage, to experience many kinds of lifestyle choices. Here are some of the top rated places that you should definitely have a look at when searching for your “home” …

  1. Newtown, MA

Its historic neighborhoods and also, great location to Boston, makes it one of the best cities to live in U.S. It has been for many years now, a top rated place to live with your family. It is comprised into 13 villages and each one of them has some very qualitative amenities. Filled with amazing parks and museums. It has also some of the top rated restaurants and shops. Its public school system is one of the most qualitative ones in the United States today. Its high school is ranked among 30 best high schools in states and more than 80% of its citizens own a university degree.

  1. Rockville, MD

For many years, Rockville has been on the list of top-rated cities to live. Its public school system in Montgomery is the largest and most rated school district in U.S. it has 25 high schools and they are all top-rated as well. It has an over 90% of graduation rate! Another feature of this amazing city is its diversity. It has one of the largest diversity indexes with many Chinese communities and to be noticed is its Jewish population! There exist the largest Jewish community centers and also, many schools have their name on them! Healthcare is to be admired. The public transportation also. and also, it is a very affordable city which has so many wonderful life amenities to offer.

  1. Holland, MI

This amazing city ir rich in Dutch culture and lifestyle. And is no wonder since it is founded by Dutch immigrants. If choose to life there, you will immediately experience a strong sense of community and security. Even though a small city, with only 35,000 residents, it is considered to be one of the happiest places in United States today. It has a college named “Hope” and over 170 places to worship. Residents in Holland have the possibility to enjoy all seasons and also, its public school district is a top rated one!

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