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Top reasons for request for evidence

Immigrating to the US can be a daunting process. There will be hiccups along the way. Some mistakes can lead to the denial of visa while others may delay the processing of your application. The good news is that there is a method for applicants to complement the evidence for their cases. It is called the Request for Evidence (RFE).

Getting a work visa for the US is a difficult task. There are tough criterion and requirements. Normally, the candidate is required to have an advanced degree and have exceptional skills and experience in his or her field. This needs extensive proof and verifications.

In order to apply for the EB-2 visa, you must first get a job offer in the US. The job description should be in line with your degree and abilities. The employer will also be required to get a PERM Labor Certification for you. If there is a lack of letters of recommendation, the USCIS may send you an RFE.

Another reason for the RFE is a poorly reasoned petition letter. Just giving evidence of your qualification for a job is not enough to persuade the immigration officer. You must provide evidence to support your case by analyzing it against the immigration law. Be sure to have the letter written by an immigration attorney.

If there is little or no evidence about your skills to grow in your profession, the USCIS may send you an RFE, asking for copies of your degrees, certifications, progress report, resume, and bank statement. Furthermore, if there is not enough proof of your past experience and accomplishments, you may get a Request for Evidence.

You must make your case stronger by providing evidence about your past achievements in your field. For example, a handsome salary can demonstrate your abilities, skills, and qualification. Likewise, relevant certifications and memberships of top organizations in your fields will make your case stronger.

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