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Top 5 advantages of being a US citizen

Being a US citizen comes with many benefits. Besides having a safer and thriving life in the US, there are other benefits you can enjoy like travel benefits, financial benefits, quality, and affordable education and unmatched healthcare service.

Travel benefits of being a US citizen

When you become a US citizen, you will get a US passport. The US passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. You can travel to many countries without any difficulty and with many privileges if you have a US passport.

In most cases, US citizens are exempted from paying high visa fees for most countries. You can travel to more than 150 countries without paying the visa fee and get a visa on arrival. Most of these countries are located in South America and Europe.

When you travel abroad as a US citizen, you will not lose your immigration status. On the other hand, if you were a permanent resident of the US, you would typically not be allowed to stay more than one year abroad consecutively.

Protection abroad

When you travel abroad as a US citizen, you will get additional protection because of the US government’s power. The US has its embassies and consulates in more than 185 countries, and the government makes it sure that its citizens get fair and better treatment abroad. The US government will come to your rescue in case you are detained or arrested aboard or find yourself in any crisis.

Other benefits

If you become a US citizen, you will gain access to many financial benefits. For example, renewal of a Green Card is expensive than becoming a US citizen. Not forget that Green Card holders are required to renew their card after every ten years.

Moreover, if you are a US citizen, you can get access to many scholarship options, which means education will be affordable for you. And majority government jobs in the US require the applicants to be US citizens.

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