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Top 10 fun jobs that pay well

30330468_sSome jobs are extremely fun, others pay great, and there are also those few dream positions where you can enjoy yourself while making money. Let’s see some of them.

Blimp pilots make about $70.000 per year just by flying around a blimp and advertising for different products. It might sound like a lot of fun, but not everyone can do the job. You need to be a certified pilot.

If you like games, this next job might be perfect for you. Video game players are paid roughly $50.000 per year to test the newest releases. You don’t need any experience, just to be passionate about video games.

Crossword puzzle writers need to be creative and organized at the same time. They create puzzles for newspapers and magazines and earn around $70.000 a year.

Wine experts, or sommeliers, make money by doing something that most people are willing to do for free: taste wines. But that’s just one part of the job; they need to go through several years of training in order to be able to offer clients recommendations about the best wines in the world.

The food stylists’ job is to make food look good in pictures. They prepare fancy dishes for specialized magazines and advertisements. If this sounds like something you would love doing, you will be happy to learn that it pays $77.000 per year.

It’s not hard to guess what an ice cream taster does for a living. They eat ice cream all day long and earn around $60.000.

A Hollywood stunt person makes about $100.000. They get to meet famous actors and actresses and appear in blockbusters but have to go through explosions, car races, and other dangerous situations. They also need to be certified after attending a stunt training school.

A greensman is the person who arranges the plants on a movie set. This unique profession pays on average $84.000.

Race engineers are paid on average $134.000. It’s a fun and exciting job, but you need at least a university degree and some experience in order to get to do that.

Hackers are paid by public authorities and security firms to help them improve their security systems. They make a lot of money, around $140.000 per year, but need a lot of studying and additional requirements.

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