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Things you can or should do after getting Green Card

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Green Card is documentary evidence that you are a legal permanent resident of the United States. It allows you to work and stay anywhere in the US legally. Green Card is an extremely important document, and you must ensure its safety at all times. To prevent problems in case of loss of your Green Card, you can make photocopies of the card and keep them safe.

In case someone steals your Green Card, you must apply for a replacement Green Card as soon as possible. The same holds true in case of damaged or lost Green Card. Keep in mind that if you want to retain your US permanent resident status, you must spend most time living in the US. If you stay outside the US for more than a year, you may lose your permanent resident status.

In case you change your address or home, you must bring this information to the knowledge of the USCIS by filling and submitting the form AR-11. Green Card comes with many benefits. It increases your chance of employment, and you can get a driver’s license and social security card without much difficulty.

If your Green Card comes with expiration duration of ten years and is expired or set to expire in the coming six months, you must immediately apply for renewal of the card. You can apply online and even pay the processing fee online. You can also apply for the renewal of the Green Card by mail.

On the other hand, if you have a conditional Green Card, you are not required to renew your card. The conditional Green Card is issued for two years. Once your conditional permanent residence is about to reach two years anniversary, you must file an application for removal of the conditions placed on your Green Card. The applicant is required to submit application ninety days before the expiration date written on the conditional Green Card.

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