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The H-1B visa applications hit cap in just 4 days

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It is a known fact that USCIS is experiencing an overwhelming demand for H-1B visas again. Back on Friday, U.S citizenship and Immigration Services declared that it has now officially reached its congressionally managed threshold of around 85,000 visas for this new fiscal year.

This news comes just 5 days after the opening of new application period back on Monday. It also comes amidst a growing call from the new administration to detect possible abuse of the visa. For more info about measures taken by USCIS to track down possible abuses and frauds, click here.

Despite that, the agency will continue to accept petitions non- subject to the cap. For example the ones that are related to universities or different nonprofits.

USCIS has still not released the total number of the received petitions. It is expected to do this during the following week. Only last year, 236,000 foreigners applied for this visa. This is calculated to be the fifth consecutive year that the cap has been met within five days.

USCIS uses a lottery system to better determine and decide which petitions are eligible and should be selected from the 85,000 visas. The ones that are selected are then subject to review before receiving final approval.

During these past years, premium processing has helped applicants receive their answer on their petition pretty fast (within 15 days). However, this year, USCIS has temporarily frozen the premium processing option in an attempt to reduce the overall processing period.

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