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The best three cities in the US

High resolution map of the USA with american flag. You can easily remove the shadows, or to fill in the map in a different color - clipping path included.There are three main factors that determine if a certain city makes a great place to live, and these are a strong economy, affordability and an overall good quality of life. According to a study from the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis which looked at the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the country, most U.S. cities excel in at least one of these criteria, but there are three cities that have it all and they are all in the Midwest.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Omaha, Nebraska, and Des Moines, Iowa meet all three criteria which make them great places to live. They are economically strong, offer reasonable housing and a good quality of life.

The authors of the study explained that cities which offer economic strength and good quality of life become more expensive over time because most people choose their relocation destinations based on the first two factors. Thus, the demand for housing increases and so do the prices. One example would be San Francisco, which has a massively expanding job market and a good quality of life but which is also among the most expensive U.S. cities.

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