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Everything you need to know about P1 visa

P1 visa

In order to qualify for the P1 visa, an applicant must be recognized internationally and plan to enter the United States to compete at e specific event. The applicant must either be an internationally recognized athlete or entertainer. He must also have a significant international recognition either as a person ...

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Top American cities for engineers


Since engineering is one of the most fast-progressing fields in the world today, the job marked is in a constant need for specialists and skilled engineers to work in providing knowledge and experiences in almost all aspects that this field is involved in. Next, you can find a list of ...

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Many Asian Immigrants are requesting to be US Citizens

In order to be able to vote, naturalization process that allows all qualified new American citizens to vote,  is required. This process takes an average of six months. Also, through this naturalization process, new American citizens get their US passport and also, the chance to hold elected office in most ...

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Americans in labor force hit another record high!

working force

During this month, the number of U.S citizens that are either working or looking for a work, hit a new record high at around 160,100,000! This number surpassed the 160,000,000 mark and were released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Only during the last month, there were about 159,700,000 American ...

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Top 5 states in USA to live a rich lifestyle

To be “rich” is often interpreted as someone that has an enormous bank account. But, a rich life isn’t always calculated in terms of money. There are five, biggest factors that people want to measure when searching for the happy, and truly rich life. They are: Jobs Income Housing Health ...

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