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Top 7 Best Computer science universities in USA

    Have you ever thought studying computer science in the United States? Did you know that this country has a solid presence in all of the international University Rankings? American computer science universities are the source of new talented employees for the biggest technology Companies. Part of this elite, like ...

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Growing number of states challenging Trump’s revised ban

immigrants strike

A growing number of states challenging Trump’s revised ban is showing up every day… After scraping the revised executive order to ban citizens form a selected number of Islamic nations by the state of Hawaii, five more states followed the suit to boost this now nationwide call. Washington was the ...

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Best student cities in USA

USA is the number one country in the world that expects the largest number of International Students to study and live into its glorious campuses. It’s not a big surprise why the United States hold the first place for the biggest International Students keeping in mind that the most prestigious universities in ...

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USA High school graduation Rate reaches a new Record High

graduation rates in USA

Some great news about American education system! The White House announced that the U.S reached a milestone high school graduation rate. During the last school year, 2014-2015, more than 83.2 % of all students were able to graduate in four years, more than the previous school season year where only ...

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