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Trump is ready to sign new immigration order after the court defeats

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump plans to redesign his executive order to ban the travel of people from seven Muslim-majority countries. He will replace the previous order with a new one, according to a Department of Justice court filing created today. The justice department wrote: “Rather than continuing this litigation, the President ...

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Top 5 U.S immigration facts you didn’t know

Everyone knows that United States is the country of immigrants. No one doubts it. Being one of the world’s superpower, contributes immigrants have constantly given in the country’s development and progress are essential. Despite many misconceptions about the nature of many facts and figures of legible and non-illegible immigrants living ...

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USCIS finally publishes new regulations for T nonimmigrant status

For all the victims of human trafficking who are seeking for a T nonimmigrant status, the department of Homeland Security (DHS) is currently amending its regulations regarding procedures and other requirements in order to provide guidance and secure the T nonimmigrant status regulations are best reflected and up to date. ...

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During the last quarter, U.S economy grew at 3.5 %

U.s economy had the fastest pace in two years! According to Washington (AP), the economy grew at 3.5% annual rate from July to September. Even though this growth is not expected to last, it still shows a significant increment that has to be taken into consideration when calculating all the ...

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Top three cities to live as a family in U.S

There are many things a person should take into deep consideration when choosing the perfect place to live with his family. Education system, security and crime rates, climate and many other factors, make you decide either an area is worthy or not. Good news is, U.S offers tons of possibilities ...

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How does the U.S Diversity Visa Program works?

Did you know that each year over 55, 000 visas are randomly distributed to people from different countries?  All of these places are the ones to have sent less than 50, 000 people to United Stated the last 5 year.  That is why the Diversity Visa Program was created. It ...

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