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LA Mayor admits he will not Cooperate with the Immigration Officials

All undocumented immigrants consider LA to be a safe place for them. Especially since Eric Garcetti, the city’s Mayor, issued a new executive order that cements the previous status and defies President Donald Trump’s order that indicates the remove of  so-called ‘sanctuary city’ policies. According to William La Jeunesse from ...

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There are expected more US Visa Denials and Delays to Come

immigrants in USA

Many travelers continue to face long delays due to increased security procedures for vetting many US visa applicants all over the world at their respective US embassy. According to some declarations form immigration advocates and lawyers back on Friday, governments scrutinized everything, from social media accounts to their work histories. ...

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Many Asian Immigrants are requesting to be US Citizens

In order to be able to vote, naturalization process that allows all qualified new American citizens to vote,  is required. This process takes an average of six months. Also, through this naturalization process, new American citizens get their US passport and also, the chance to hold elected office in most ...

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Americans in labor force hit another record high!

working force

During this month, the number of U.S citizens that are either working or looking for a work, hit a new record high at around 160,100,000! This number surpassed the 160,000,000 mark and were released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Only during the last month, there were about 159,700,000 American ...

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Many Haitian Immigrant are settling in Mexico

Donald Trump

Hundreds of immigrants including children claim to have been left stranded in Mexico. This has happened after President’s Donald Trump latest announcement of changes to many United States immigration policies. These Haitian nationals began arriving on the Southwest Border during early 2016. They were hoping to be able to cross ...

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