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The best and worst paying jobs in the US in 2018


Athletes and chief executive officers might get more attention as the most prosperous people, but the fact is that doctors make the most money in the US. Anesthesiologists earn the highest salary in the US. According to one estimate, each anesthesiologist takes home an average annual salary of $265,990. The ...

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Top 4 money mistakes to avoid in the US

Money plays a vital role in our lives. For many people in the US, it is not easy to keep track of their spending and save money. Certain money mistakes can land you in troubles. Here are the top four money mistakes you should avoid in the US so that ...

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How to achieve financial freedom in the US

  The desire to make more money is something that binds most of us together. All of us struggle to make as much money as we can, but there are only a few of us who achieve financial freedom. Here are some tips to attain financial freedom in the US. ...

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