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Studying abroad might get you hired

27744682_sStudying abroad offers a unique and exciting opportunity for young academicians but it also increases their chances of landing a good job after graduation. According to the Erasmus Student Network, 64 percent of employers worldwide consider this international learning experience as being an important asset for recruitment, and students who have completed their education in an international program are less likely to stay unemployed.

The skills you develop during a foreign program, such as communication, collaboration and flexibility are valued by 92 percent of employers, the study shows. The acquirements gained overseas are also appreciated by the American employers. Researchers at the University of California found that 97 percent of scholars who studied abroad found a job within a year after graduation, compared to only 49 percent of college graduates who did not have such an experience. Moreover, studies indicate that those who have studied abroad are also making 25 percent more money than those who did not study abroad.

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