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Shorter waiting times for U visa applicants

20947903_sCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill aimed to help undocumented immigrants who are victims of violent crimes by introducing a time limit to which all local agencies must align. The bill comes as a response to a previous investigation which has revealed that the time frame varies from one state to another.

According to federal laws, undocumented immigrants are eligible for permanent residence if they help law enforcement to catch criminals. The so-called U visa allows the beneficiaries to live and work in the U.S. for four years if they cooperate, but before they can apply, the recipients must ask the local law enforcement to verify their cooperation. The period of time spent at this level was the one that determined legislators to push forward the bill, because there were big discrepancies between agencies in each state. California has become the first to comply with a set time frame. The local law enforcement must verify the victim’s cooperation within 90 days. If the recipient in about to be deported, the time period is reduced to 14 days.

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