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Record: 25,495,000 foreign-born workers in the US

ID-100260973The latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals a new record for foreign-born population. The number of foreign-born workers employed in the U.S. in November was 25,495,000, 375,000 over October’s figures and the highest number so far. By comparison, the U.S.-born employees lost 326,000 jobs over the last month.

The unemployment rate and the labor participation level are also better for the non-native workers. Last month, the foreign-born population had an unemployment rate of 4.4 percent, compared to 5 percent overall, and a labor participation rate of 66.1 percent.

Foreign workers have been doing well during the Obama administration. Over his presidency, the foreign-born population has gained 4,120,000 jobs, whereas the U.S.-born workers have gained 5,210,000 jobs. The job growth is somehow equal, but the native-born population over 16 has almost doubled during this time, growing by 11,663,000 people since January 2009. The foreign-born population (ages 16 and older) has increased by 5,346,000.

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