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Positive Impact of Immigration on the US Economy

ID-10083591Immigrants have always been a driving force of the US economy. In the 19th century, immigrants contributed immensely towards electrification of the country and building its infrastructure – both of which led to massive economic boom periods.

Today, people continue to migrate to the US to make the most of educational and professional opportunities available here, and in the process, continue to contribute to the country’s economic growth in many ways. Three of the top impacts are:

Increased investment

The presence of skilled immigrant workers motivates companies to increase their production capacity and reach out to more market segments. In fact, studies show that the productive capacity per worker has been on the rise since 1960, and these investments in turn, create more economic opportunities.


Unlike natives, immigrants are more willing to move to different cities and this has helped to create a more uniform economic growth across the country.

More demand

When there are more immigrants, they generate more demand for goods and services, that is serviced by way of increased production capacity.

Thus, immigrants have always had a positive impact on the US economy, so it is no surprise that the US acts as a magnate for international migration.

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