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Most common jobs immigrants do once arrive in USA

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Since there are more than 41 million foreign born people currently living in in U.S, there exist some specific characteristics of the most common jobs held by these immigrants. Many statistical data show that foreign born people, who have a full-time or part-time job in United States, are employed in a board range of occupations as follows:

  • 5 % are employed in a managerial position
  • 21 % in technical and administrative support jobs
  • 5 % belong in service occupations
  • Almost 18 % work as operators and fabricators

Some other reports, when indicating the percentage of immigrants (more than 13% of the overall population), show that a large number of foreign born workers are housekeepers and agricultural workers. The center of Immigration Studies, showed some interesting data; they came to a conclusion that the majority of jobs, who normally seem to be held by immigrants, are in fact held by native born people. Here is what they concluded:

Taxi drivers: only 48% of all taxi drivers are foreign born people. The other ones are native-born

Maids and housekeepers: 49% of all maids are immigrants. 51% are native-born

Grounds maintenance workers: 36% of people working in this field are immigrants

Construction laborers: 66% of people working on this field are native-born

Porters and concierges: only 28% of people working as porters etc. are foreign-born ones

Janitors: 73% are native-born

Despite what are commonly assumed, immigrants, after first arriving in the United States, seem to be working on different job categories, holding all kinds of job positions with respective qualifications according to the market needs and requests.

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