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Intel is doubling efforts to bring in minorities

ID-100164713Intel also joined the general effort to bring more ethnic variety in some of America’s largest companies. According to recent data, the majority of employees consist in white men, whereas people of color are extremely poor represented. Therefore, the tech giant announced great changes for 2016 in terms of diversification.

In January, the company invested $300 million in diversity programs, and in addition $125 million from the Intel Capital Diversity Fund will be used in order to support minority-led startups over the next five years.

Last month, Intel brought in another piece of great news for those who work, as well as for people who want to get a job inside the company. Current employees, who are assisting Intel in its race for diversity by referring new hires, will be eligible for a bonus of up to $4000 if their recruit gets hired. Intel said in a statement that the additional incentive will help them attract more qualified candidates to the company.

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