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Immigrant population in US exceeds 42 million

27262909_sThe number of immigrants currently living in the US has reached 42.2 million, a recent Pew Research study finds. That’s almost five times higher than the 9.7 million incomers registered in the 1960s. Percentage wise, immigrants now make 13.2 percent of the US population, almost three times higher than the share they made half a century ago, that is, 5.4 percent.

The same study shows that Hispanics are the youngest ethnic group in the US. One third or 17.9 million are 18 or younger, whereas 14.9 million are between 18 and 33. That rounds up to roughly 60 percent of the country’s Hispanic population being considered millennials, compared to 50 percent of the African American population, 46 percent of the Asian population and just 39 percent of the whites living in the US.

Hispanics are also adapting well to their new country, especially when it comes to learning the language. Researchers found that youngsters are more likely to speak proficient English compared to the older group members. In all, 88 percent of the US Hispanics aged 5 to 17 masters the English language.

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