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How to Use Social Media in Order to Find a New Job


Social media can be more than a way to fill up to your time. More than half of employers use platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter to screen potential candidates and sometimes your online profile is decisive for landing a job. So why not use these tools to network your way into a new job?

Brush up your online profile. If you are going to use your personal profile for job hunting, you might want to get rid of some information first: pictures of you at parties, some wrangles that could be misinterpreted or any other things that could reflect badly on you from a recruiter’s point of view. Like we said, it has become a habit for employers to check out a candidate’s profile before making a decision. So rather than beach selfies and pictures of your cat, you may consider using a professional looking avatar. Include your education, work history and even a link to an online CV.

Complete your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is the most popular site for recruiters and it’s a great chance for candidates to promote themselves. HR specialists say that having a complete profile increases your chances to receive job opportunities by 40 percent, so the more information you have on your page, the better! As soon as your profile is complete, you can start making connections with your friends, family, colleagues and former employers.

Find information about recruiters. While recruiters do their background check by viewing your profile, you can do the same in order to find out information that could increase your chances of landing a job. Knowing more about the hiring manager can help you write a personalized cover letter.

Let your friends and followers know that you are looking for a job. Not all jobs are listed and sometimes you can find a great position by chance. Maybe a friend of a friend hears about an opening and they will consider you if they know you are available.

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