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How to make money in the U.S even without a Green Card

2822766_sIn the U.S., if you get your green card that means you are able to live and work in the country permanently – although you do have to renew the card every ten years. But, not everyone is accepted for a one.

Even if you don’t have a green card, you can enter the U.S., with a number of different visas, and you can still make money, whether you are in the country or not. Here are a few ways to make money in the U.S., even without a green card.

  1. Invest in Real Estate

Arguably, investing in real estate is the most effective way to make money in the U.S. without a green card. There are no restrictions placed on foreigners purchasing real estate in the United States. In fact, between 2012 and 2013, immigrants invested over $68 billion in residential real estate.

When you purchase a property, you can rent it out and garner yourself a steady, monthly income. To ensure that you make the right investment, and to make the process simpler and less stressful, it’s a good idea to work with an investment specialist and property management company.

  1. Invest in a Business

Even without a green card, you can still invest in a business in the U.S., meaning you could earn a substantial amount of money if the business is a success. If you don’t have a work visa either, then you won’t be able to actually work at the business, so if you invest in a restaurant, you won’t be able to wait tables.

Also, if you make an investment in a commercial enterprise in the United States, you might also become eligible to apply for a green card. To become eligible, you must invest between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in the business and plan to create ten permanent full time jobs for works in the United States.

  1. Enter Competitions

By entering competitions or contests, you can win money. This is considered “”passive income” by the U.S. government, so it’s another legal way to earn money without a green card.

This method isn’t as predictable as other money-making options in the U.S., but it can still earn you some extra cash, while you’re waiting for your work visa or green card.

If you win money in U.S. competitions, you will have to pay tax on it, but in other competitions from countries, like the U.K. you don’t have to. Always check the rules to see if you are eligible to enter.

These money-making methods are a good option for those without a green card. Arguably, the most reliable and realistic option for most is investing in residential real estate.

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