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How to keep yourself motivated at work

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One of the challenging aspects of work is the gradual loss of motivation. As time passes, your motivation may plummet. There are many factors that can trigger the loss of motivation at work. While there is no doubt that very few people get the opportunity to do the work they genuinely love, you can still do certain things to stay motivated, no matter how the nature of your work. Here are some tips to keep your motivation alive at work:

1. Start your day in the right mode

First off, be sure to wake up early and start your day in the right mode. Stay in a positive frame of mind and kick off the day with a cup of coffee. Waking up late and rushing to work is one of the leading factors that decrease motivation at work. Starting the day in a positive way will make your whole day positive, as you will see everything in a positive light. Other ways to start your day the right way include early morning workout, listening to your favorite music, and taking a morning walk in the park.

2. Cherish the work environment

Try to enjoy the work environment and establish a good rapport with your coworkers. This will help you stay motivated. If you don’t like your work, it doesn’t mean you should not like the work environment. You can make your desk or cubicle different by adding some photos and small plants. This will boost your motivation.

3. Connect with positive people at work

The people you surround yourself with plays a critical role in your motivation level. Negative people will take the energy out of you, whereas positive people will instill new energy in you. Always connect with coworkers who speak positive things and inspire you. And politely withdraw yourself from the company of negative people.

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